Thursday, 17 February 2011

Hash, to Prepare (and More)

This hash is for using up the end of the joint. From the Woman's Own Book of the Home, 1932.

1 1/2lb cold meat
2 oz butter/dripping
2 oz flour
1 onion
1 1/2 pints stock
1 dessertspoon ketchup

Remove all fat and gristle from the meat and cut it into neat pieces. Make the fat hot and fry the onion a nice brown. Remove it and fry the flour, brown it welll, being careful not to burn it. Add the stock gradually, stir till it boils, return the meat and onion, add the ketchup and seasoning, thoroughly reheat it, but do not allow it to boil. Serve with snippets of toast or fried bread dipped in chopped parsley. (Mrs Beeton called them "sippets".)

And here are a couple of useful tips on cleaning hats:

Hats, bowler, to clean brims of First rub well with a little fresh butter and clean it off with a solution of 2 oz rock ammonia dissolved in 1/2 pint hot water. Then hold the hat under running water for a minute or two. Wipe with a soft, clean cloth, brush well with the nap, and hang out to dry.

Hats, felt and velour, to restore Thoroughly beat and brush the hat to remove all dust and to raise the surface. Hold it over boiling water and steam thoroughly from the inside. Turn the hat slowly so that it shall be steamed all over. shake well. Give a good final brushing when the hat is dry.

Hedgehogs, the care of Keep in a cage during the day and release at night if it is desired to use them as beetle-catchers. Feed on bread and milk and an occasional earthworm.


  1. Well gosh darn my bowler hat brim must stay uncleaned, I am fresh out of rock ammonia ! what on earth is that? I love the thought of recipes for cleaning though..probably better than spray bottles of chemicals?

  2. It's probably poisonous and we're better off with commercial bowler-hat spray!