Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Kitchen and its Equipment

from The Woman's Own Book of the Home, 1932

The kitchen should be well lighted and ventilated, and should be equipped iwth:

1. A cooking range or stove.
2. A kitchen table.
3. A kitchen cabinet, cupboard or cupboards.
4. A dresser.
5. At least one chair.
6. A separate cupboard, or tidy for brooms and brushes.
7. A clock.
8. necessary cooking utensils.

If, as is the case in a number of houses nowadays, the kitchen does the duties of both kitchen and scullery, then it should also be provided with:

9. A good sink.
10. A draining-board draining down into the sink.
11. A rack for mops, etc.
12. Soap dish.
13. A draining-rack for cups, saucers and plates.
14. A roller fitted in a convenient spot for carrying a roller towel.

Kitchen designers, please note, especially 10.

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