Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Mexican Shrimp Polenta

From The Encyclopedia of World Cookery, circa 1950

1 pint shrimps
4 oz maize flour or semolina (or polenta)
2 onions finely chopped
2 tbsp tomato puree
1/2lb ham, diced
1/4lb mushrooms, sliced
3 rashers bacon

Pour 1 pint boiling water onto the semolina and cook slowly until thick. Chop the bacon and fry lightly. Add the tomato puree, mushrooms, onion and ham. Simmer in 1/4 pint water for 10 minutes. Fill a buttered fireproof dish with alternate layers of semolina, tomato mixture and shrimps. Cover the dish, cook in a moderate oven for 30 minutes.

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