Wednesday, 28 July 2010


From the Radiation "Regulo-Controlled" Cookery Book, 1941 (out of print)

2 oz butter
1/4 lb boiled rice
3/4 lb cooked fish
1 egg raw
1 egg hard-boiled
1 teaspoonful chopped parsley
Little grated lemon rind
Salt, pepper and cayenne
Little milk

Melt the butter, add the boiled rice, flaked fish, seasoning and well-beaten egg, and also the hard-boiled white of egg chopped up. Add a little milk if the mixture is dry, then transfer to a casserole. heat in the over for 25 minutes with the "Regulo" at mark 7. Serve on a hot dish and garnish with sieved yolk and parsley.

Could there be a better title for a cook book? You could use smoked mackerel, and add more parsley. One teaspoonful is a bit stingy. You could also add finely chopped onion or spring onions.

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